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Digitsole's commitment to data privacy

Digitsole is committed to protecting all the personal data that it processes, whether that is within the Digitsole databases, monitoring, distribution of its products, sales, marketing, human resources or any other function.

As Digitsole is a global organisation, it has to comply with rules of many jurisdictions, the central theme of which is to empower the individuals whose personal data we process, by providing them access and control over it.

At Digitsole we understand that data privacy is critical to maintaining the trust of its users. In addition to our Privacy Policy we make these further commitments to users who have given their trust to us:

  • Digitsole will always gather as little personally identifiable information as possible.

  • Digitsole will keep your data safe.

  • Digitsole only gathers as little usage data as is necessary to monitor the performance of the service, inform development work to improve the service and generate usage reports for the service.

  • Digitsole customers retain ownership of their data. Data captured will never be sold or transferred to any third party unless required by a court of law or your explicit permission. It will not be used for any purpose other than those stated in our privacy policy.

Your privacy resources

This site provides more information on our privacy and security efforts and how it affects customers and all subjects in our business domain. If you have specific enquiries not addressed on here, please contact us via our contact form.

Last updated on 8th October 2020